Mr. and Mrs. James Newman
Net Worth $50 Million

Newman Family
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Net After-Tax Income
As a result of developing and implementing their newly created Master Stewardship Life Plan, the Newmans’ increased their net, after-tax INCOME from $34 million to $36 million.
The increase in the INHERITANCE the Newman’s heirs will receive as a result of their new plan went from $15 million to $19 million.
Secular and Kingdom Capital
And finally, with their old plan, the Newmans’ secular SOCIAL CAPITAL (amount the Newman family pays the IRS in taxes) was 19 million, and their KINGDOM CAPITAL (amount the Newman family and their heirs will give to ministries) was $10 million. After implementing their new plan, they were able to convert all of their social capital to Kingdom capital and were even able to increase that, giving them a grand total of $58 million to be put forth for Kingdom purposes.
These case studies are presented as examples of estate planning strategies. Actual estate plans will vary based upon each individual situation. All plans are done in cooperation with a client's tax attorney and accountant. All tax information is presented after a thorough study of the tax laws relevant to a particular situation and cleared through the accountant and attorney. This may not be representative of other clients. There is no assurance your experience will be similar, and no assurance of financial success.

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Newman Family

Net Worth $50 Million
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