Financial Stewardship 101: God Owns It All

by Paul Damon on July 16, 2014 | Stewardship

In the coming weeks, we’ll embark on a 3-part discussion of the 3 key principles of financial stewardship.

God calls us to be good stewards of everything He has entrusted to us: our time, talents, treasure (possessions), and tribe (relationships).

At times, we all struggle to be good and faithful stewards of each of these important resources. But God provides valuable wisdom through His word, from which 3 key financial-stewardship lessons emerge:

  1. Recognize and acknowledge that God owns it all

  2. Lay up treasure in heaven

  3. Find your God-given purpose

Let’s look at #1 a bit more closely.

God Owns It All

God has created everything. From the very beginning, He made our world and us in it. He sustains us—and everything in our midst. And He ordains everything for His good purpose.

But there’s another way to look at this truth—a mindset that feels more radical, because it’s pointing to a subtext that’s often difficult to grasp.

We own nothing.

We don’t own our cars. Our clothes. Our houses. We don’t even own our marriages, our gifts, or our time. We are temporary managers of these things. But we’re not owners.

So yes, we have a great deal of decision-making influence on our time, talents, treasures, and tribe. But ultimately, the final say belongs to God. He can provide abundance in any one of these areas, and He can take any of it away.

Send It Ahead

We’ve all heard the expression “you can’t take it with you.” And this couldn’t be more true.

But what we can do is something much better: we can send it ahead!

In the coming weeks, we’ll start to talk about how. And we’ll look at the 2nd and 3rd stewardship principles as well.

But until then, I’ll leave you with a reminder from the Psalms:

The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it.

- Psalm 24:1 (NIV)

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