New Year’s Resolutions 2017

by Paul Damon on January 02, 2017 | Christian Insights, Biblical Worldview

This is the time of year that many of us make commitments to stop doing things that we want to get rid of in our life or to start doing things that we believe will move us closer to who we want to be!  While the idea is sound and profitable, our execution is often not up to par.  In fact, research shows that a vast majority of resolutions are not kept, often being broken very early in the new year.  While there are many reasons for this, I’m not going to get into all of them here, that is not my purpose in this communication.  What I would like to focus on is encouraging you to embrace the idea of making some financial resolutions that could change your life in dramatic ways.  The most important resolution you can make for 2017 and beyond in relation to your financial future is……….


Wow, that’s it?!?!?!  You might say to me, REALLY!  That’s the best you got?  

Well, truthfully, there is more, and here it is.

To have a plan you must have goals!  Most people don’t set goals.  And yet research shows that setting goals SIGNIFICANTLY increases the likelihood of achieving them, or anything even close to what we want.  And there is more…….

Goals aren’t meaningful or powerful unless you know the “WHY” behind the goal.  And the why is deep and personal. 

What will achieving the goal do for your psyche!  What will it do for you spiritually, emotionally, relationally, psychologically?  You see, without a strong emotional connection to the “why” you want the goal, the likelihood of making the sacrifices and doing the right behaviors to achieve the goal are much less likely. 

For example:

My goal might be to be financially independent by age 60 with enough income to meet my lifestyle expenses of $4,000 per month.  That in itself is nice, but not powerful enough to get me to do the things necessary to achieve that goal.  But if I said I wanted to do this so I could spend significant time with my grandchildren pouring into them and also to volunteer my time at the local homeless shelter that provides food and shelter as well as behavioral counseling to help those struggling with addictions and poverty…….. now I have a compelling reason and vision of the WHY it is important to me. 

So here is my encouragement for you for 2017.  Get clear on the WHY for your goals and put together a plan to achieve your goals.


God bless you for a great 2017 and beyond!

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