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The Inverted Generosity Pyramid

by Paul Damon on February 04, 2016 | Stewardship, Personal Finance
The Inverted Generosity PyramidFor most of us, giving is part of our lives. We build it into our financial plan, and we budget for our expenses accordingly. The way we live and give depends, in large part, on our beliefs regarding stewardship and personal responsibility. But if we analyze our giving and living expenses, most o... Read more

The Key to Financial Freedom

by Paul Damon on September 14, 2015 | Stewardship, Personal Finance, Money
The Key to Financial FreedomIn our consumer-driven society, we’re constantly bombarded with the message that the key to happiness is having more—accumulating more possessions. We’re also told that if we make more money and accumulate a lot of financial assets, we will achieve “financial independence.&rd... Read more

Celebrating Independence Day with 7 Truths about Financial Independence

by Paul Damon on July 03, 2014 | Personal Finance
Celebrating Independence Day with 7 Truths about Financial IndependenceThis is the season of celebrating our country’s independence. At this time of year, our sentiments are rich with reflection on how amazing our country is, and how blessed we are to live here. As Americans, many of the freedoms we enjoy open the doors to incredible financial opportunity. Whi... Read more

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