Celebrating Independence Day with 7 Truths about Financial Independence

by Paul Damon on July 03, 2014 | Personal Finance
Celebrating Independence Day with 7 Truths about Financial IndependenceThis is the season of celebrating our country’s independence. At this time of year, our sentiments are rich with reflection on how amazing our country is, and how blessed we are to live here. As Americans, many of the freedoms we enjoy open the doors to incredible financial opportunity. Whi... Read more

Time, Talent, Treasure, & Tribe: God Owns It All

by Paul Damon on June 25, 2014 | Stewardship
Time, Talent, Treasure, & Tribe: God Owns It AllWe learn throughout the bible that God owns it all—our time, our gifts, our resources, and our relationships. I like to think of this as the 4 T’s of God’s ownership: Time Talent Treasure Tribe But while many Christians know and believe this truth on an int... Read more


by Paul Damon on June 12, 2014 | Stewardship
Welcome!Thanks for taking time to stop by and visit the Strategic Stewardship Partners blog. I hope that the thoughts shared here will inspire, motivate, and educate you. The fact that you are reading this may indicate that you, like me, have come to understand—and seek to apply—the principle t... Read more
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