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Stewardship Planning Partners is a family office that provides a vast array of services to its member families at two levels.

Our Level 1 service takes each family through our comprehensive and unique Family Wealth Counseling process leading to the development and implementation of a customized, inter-generational Master Stewardship Plan for their family. This Family Wealth Counseling process has five phases.

Our Level 2 Master Stewardship Plan Maintenance & Operation’s services ensure that the family’s Master Stewardship Plan stays current and on-course in future years. We also actively engage the entire family to effectively participate in ‘living out” their family’s plan.

Master Stewardship Plan

Level One

Level One

Plan Development.

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Level Two

Level Two

Plan Maintenance and Operation.Learn More

Case Studies

As a result of developing and implementing their newly created Master Stewardship Life Plan,
the Newmans’ increased their net, after-tax INCOME from $34 million to $36 million.

Mr. and Mrs. James Newman
Net Worth $50 Million

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These are hypothetical cases and is no assurance your experience will be similar, and no assurance of financial success.

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Stewardship a Biblical Worldview

The secular worldview and biblical worldview on stewardship are quite different. Check out our blog here and let’s help build the kingdom together.







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