Intersection of Faith and Finance

“Faith is trusting in God and nothing else. Money can get in the way of trusting in God.”

Many people struggle with integrating faith and finance into their lives. Scripture is full of warnings about the challenge of keeping our hearts toward God and not our wealth. It is the most talked-about subject in scripture, and most of the references are about the danger of having wealth.

A well-known passage in the Bible tells us that “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” Notice it is not “money” that is evil, but the love of money that is evil. It is a doorway into a life that is far from God.

Faith is trusting in God and nothing else. Money can get in the way of trusting in God. Where are we placing our trust? In God or our portfolio and the accumulation of wealth? Often, as people grow their wealth, they find it difficult to totally trust and depend on God. And, as our wealth grows, our fears shift from not having enough to losing what we have. That fear can cause us to hold onto our wealth rather than being generous and willing to share what we have been blessed with.

We at Stewardship Planning Partners get to work with people who are wrestling with these challenges. People who are seeking God’s will to steward ALL they have been blessed with for His Kingdom and glory.

At the heart of the issue are the following three questions:

  1. How much is enough for us? In other words, how much should we spend on ourselves?
  2. How much should we spend on the family? How much should we give them during our lifetimes and at our “relocation”?
  3. How much should we give to charity?

We see these often as our clients seek God and His will in their finances.