Business Owners

“The power of our Master Stewardship Planning process is to partner with you to be and do all you are called to do.”

Business owners have a unique opportunity to experience significant benefits from integrating their faith and finances. Current laws provide for powerful tax, estate planning, wealth transfer, and business transition benefits others don’t have. Some of the most important issues and questions business owners have can be effectively met by including philanthropy in their overall wealth management planning.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing current income taxes
  • Reducing or eliminating capital gains taxes
  • Eliminating estate taxes
  • Protecting, preserving, and transitioning the business to the next generation in the most efficient and effective way possible
  • Increasing income for the family
  • Generating significant charitable gifts to your favorite charities during your lifetime and after death
  • Living a life of meaning and significance knowing you are living your life purpose