SPP partners with non-profits and acts as your Virtual Planned Giving Department. We provide you with comprehensive, flexible solutions that help you effectively market and implement creative gifts. Our staff will support you with technical, legal, design, marketing and multimedia resources so that you can see results in meeting your organization’s goals and increase your resources to not only survive, but to thrive.

We follow a proven process that is tailored to each organizations situation and needs. Our 4-phase process leads you to a plan that achieves your development and advancement goals.  

Strategic Stewardship Plan

Why Stewardship Planning Partners

Are you a medium to small-sized organization that does not have the funds for a Planned Giving department? Or, maybe you do have a development department but you do not have the budget, time, or personnel to commit to a full-time planned giving position.

Are your resources limited to hire staff to raise funds? Research shows that organizations that do not have the staff or marketing programs for planned gifts frequently have donors who are willing to give but fail to close those gifts.

Many donors do not know how to give efficiently and effectively, and no one is showing them how to give. For example, roughly 90% of the world’s wealth is in non-cash holdings and yet over 90% of giving is done from cash.

Partner with Stewardship Planning Partners, our mission is to provide you with comprehensive, flexible solutions that help you effectively market and implement gifts. We help move donors to partners of the ministry by educating you on how to develop deep and meaningful relationships with them.

SPP will empower you to turn inconsistent or non-existent messaging into well delivered effective messaging. We will educate you on how to communicate with donors about money, wealth, possessions, giving, and generosity. We will assist in developing targeted messages for your donor audience that align with your development goals. By partnering with us you can have peace of mind knowing our solution has a proven track record of results to help meet your organization’s goals and increase your gifts.

What is a Virtual Planned Giving Department

Stewardship Planning Partners will be your non-profit’s virtual planned giving department. We are a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution to your needs as a faith-based non-profit to raise funds for your mission. As your virtual planned giving department, our focus is to help deliver the importance of stewardship, generosity, and the joy of living generously.

Communicating your organization’s goals and mission will help develop passionate partners. SPP provides tools and resources to help engage your partners in the process of planned giving. We train ministry leaders on how to build relationships with donors to move them to passionate partners, and we work directly with your partners to develop a Strategic Stewardship Plan that will maximize their Kingdom impact.

Training and Education for Non-profit Leaders

Most leaders of faith-based non-profits have had little to no training on how to communicate and engage their partners in the conversation of planned giving. Stewardship Planning Partners focuses on this core challenge by equipping leaders with the necessary information to build their confidence and the competence in charitable gift planning that will help them initiate planned giving conversations that lead to a completed gift.

While we don’t need to make leaders experts in planned giving tools and techniques, having a general awareness and being able to recognize when a situation warrants additional follow-up can be critical to your organization’s success. Stewardship Planning Partners will train you on the basics of planned giving and charitable giving strategies. In addition, many leaders do not have a comprehensive perspective on what the scriptures teach about money, wealth, possessions, giving, and generosity.

SPP does comprehensive and complete training on the biblical basis for engaging with partners. We challenge leaders to explore their God-given talents and take the lead in showing their donors how to preserve, protect and pass on their values, purpose, and impact. An organization leader can be a change agent that empowers and inspires people to build a legacy.

How to talk about Giving

Non-profit communications are often driven by fundraising appeals, events marketing, and other “help us now” messaging. But without content that truly engages your supporters’ hearts and minds – that which taps into their values and their own wants and needs – you risk boring them, alienating them, or losing them altogether.

Stewardship Planning Partners will show you techniques for engagement that attracts, inspires, excites, and serves your supporters, strengthening their bonds with your non-profit. Understanding people of high capacity and what motivates them is critical to developing a healthy long-term relationship with them. When talking about giving it’s important to remember people of wealth have needs just like us. Some are similar to ours, but they also have some unique challenges that we don’t have.

SPP will bring awareness to many of those unique challenges and how certain giving options can bring value to your donors. We will act as a consultant to help your donors make the largest gift possible that will be both beneficial to you and them. By partnering with us you can obtain help without forfeiting your very important personal relationships with your donors.

Planned Giving Partner

So the question becomes, do you want donors, people who simply give, or partners, people who give to take part in an undertaking? Stewardship Planning Partners helps you move a donor to Strategic Stewardship which is critical in making them a partner. Donors have a basis for becoming partners if they are able to agree on a purpose, task, project, or a desired outcome that meets their interests and can be achieved better, faster, or more efficiently if they united their efforts with yours.

Stewardship Planning Partners will help you accomplish this, resulting in new all-time-high planned giving levels. The power of the Master Strategic Stewardship Plan will generate multiples of your partners’ giving. We help you understand the difference between Transactional Giving versus Strategic Stewardship, which is the important first step in becoming a partner. We will show you how to introduce a partner to the Strategic Stewardship process and how growing engagement through involvement with your partners can foster a positive giving experience.

Better Giving Strategies

While strategic face-to-face visits are essential to increasing planned gifts and continuing success, Stewardship Planning Partners helps open the doors to these conversations. We turn “transactional giving” into “strategic stewardship.” When you partner with SPP, we will tackle the most complex and creative solutions for charitable giving available today. All strategies implemented are driven by the donors objectives. All objectives can be met through charitable giving:

  • Increase charitable gifts
  • Reduce income, capital gains, and estate taxation
  • Increase transfer of wealth to future generations
  • Increase current income to the donor and family

Late-breaking news and its impact on planned giving are also examined in every case. Stewardship Planning Partners will provide you with tools such as calculators that allow your donors/partners to see how a gift will look in their estate plan and flowcharts, which for many has been the starting point of donors who wanted to turn their ordinary estate into an extraordinarily legacy and more.

Effective Marketing

Are you marketing planned gifts in all of the right places? How do your donors like to receive information from you? Multichannel marketing is the best way to optimize your planned gifts marketing, thereby closing more gifts. When marketing the idea of Strategic Stewardship, it is essential to have multiple ways to connect with prospective donors and share the information needed to advance the conversation.

Stewardship Planning Partner’s guidance will empower you with great resources; website, e-newsletter, social media posts, e-brochures, presentations, educational webinars, desktop printing, wills guide, and more! By using effective marketing, you will better identify prospective donors and build stronger, longer lasting relationships with your partners.

Work with us and walk away with fresh ideas, resources, tools to engage donors, and the ability to create a culture where you and your partners can experience the joy of living generously.